VOTIVA by INMODE utilizes heat and radio-frequency (RF) waves to  provide improvements in blood circulation, muscle relief pain and muscle relaxation.      Collagen remodeling occurs, creating tighter, healthier, and younger acting tissues.


FormaV is a therapeutic device for the treatment of sexual dysfunction or an an adjunct to Kegel exercises (tightening of the pelvic floor muscles to increase muscle tone) for the treatment of urinary incontinence..       A gentle, painless office procedure that takes no more than 30 minutes, VOTIVA is the only FDA approved device of its kind to treat sexual dysfunction in women.   It has been recognized as a safe and effective treatments for vaginal dryness, sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence.   FormaV provides a non-hormonal, no incision, no laser alternative to treat very common women's health concerns.

FractoraV featuring MORPHEUS8 also delivers heat and RF waves to the epidermal and subnormal tissues to cause tissue remodeling and collagen production to creative tighter, younger looking skin.

Using a low-dose, bio-identical pellet, SottoPelle restores hormone levels to normal ranges, while safely and effectively resolving the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels.    There is no on-size-fits-all; no guesswork.     Your hormone replacement is tailored to your specific needs, something other methods are unable to deliver.    This remarkably simple therapy can return you to the balance and vitality of healthy hormone levels.    It can give you back your life - naturally.

Many patients who have been on creams, pills and patches discover that their hormone treatment can create side effects over time.   Non-pellet methods provide an irregular and unreliable dosing amount, which produces a roller coaster-like effect in the body.   Over time, extra hormones that are stored in the body can spill back into your system and cause a progressive overdosing.   This can cause a cascade of imbalances and problems that you were trying to treat in the first place.

Pellets deliver a steady and measured dose of the hormones your body needs, only as it needs them.   From decades of clinical experience, SottoPelle has found that pellet therapy is the only reliable way to provide optimal and balanced levels of hormones into the body.

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